The New Kitchen

it was exactly last november when i saw a girlfriend’s newly renovated kitchen, all in purest whites, aqua marine and blueish greys with sparkling highlights  –  just stunning.

and out of the depth of my core it came with a roar: i want one too. as a matter of fact, i actually need one.

of course it will have to be out of a modern flat pack. you go to the store and first you get a catalogue  that guides you to do the arranging of benches, tops, drawers, cabinets etc etc to your heart’s desire. measure twice before you order!

it looks easier than done, because that layout…. those corner cabinets….. what a nightmare! i just couldn’t grasp, could not get my head around it!

so then, to ease the horror and the terror, i stood to let a designer do the creating. it was a decision for the better. the cost will be part of the deal if i’ll order.

now this designer had magic in her device. in the comfort of my old kitchen she pulled some ledgers and added this and added that from her application and within an enjoyable hour i saw in front of me a perfectly architectural drawing ready to hand over to the builder. a sheer miracle i thought.

the colour scheme was easy, the cabinets are to be in antique white, taranade with plenty of character for the bench top and a glassy tawny panel for the splashback. i just can’t wait.

the flat pack will be ready in one week; it will take the builder hardly a day to install. and the price you might wonder, well, i went for fairly cheap. its but a small kitchen to be. still, i mean, its all relative.

then, once i actually dared to order, i will live with it for evermore.


color schem442e.jpg
a rough idea of the colour scheme

DSCN2158 kl .jpg

the bench top is darker and the view is better !


One comment

  1. Mary C · March 14

    I’m also in the process of renovating my kitchen. It seems like a daunting task! Good luck to you.

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