Undulating Light

DSCN6728 kl

Beyeler Museum, Pratteln, Switzerland, March 2017, a multi-media exhibition

Imagine the image on the canvas waning and waxing without the canvas moving. Undulating like a lazy wave. A lazy frequency coming towards you and going again. Very slowly, very comforting and soothing.

The room had an eerie muffled no-sound which made my ears feel very large. The installation fascinated me. What is it? I stood there mesmerized without thinking, letting this unknown movement taking me to LaLaLand.

I stood there for a long time before I also took my turn to visit the space behind the canvas where all was revealed and the magic lost its spell. I tended to say that it was a back projection – wrong.

Imagine a huge ice cube about the size of a big bucket. The ice was scooped out in the center to leave a funnel with the last bit of ice left at the end as a wall. This funnel was suspended by ropes from the ceiling to make it free moving, backwards and forwards, slowly and in the middle of the funnel was a static light bulb emerged.

Artist’s name forgotten.


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